Image showing three people wearing ski mask rapper Tyler, The Creator, wearing a green ski mask with three holes, professional boxer, Jake Paul wearing a black ski mask with three holes and a UK rapper wearing a white ski mask with one hole

From Misconceptions to Must-Haves: The Rise of Ski Masks and Balaclavas in Fashion

Ski masks used to be synonymous with bank robberies and stick-ups, but times have changed, and so have the uses for this once-shunned accessory. Nowadays, ski masks and balaclavas have become the hottest fashion accessories around, especially with the pandemic forcing us to cover our faces. You can see young kids rocking them with their favorite team's logo or cartoon character on the front. Music artists like Pooh Sheisty, British MCs,  K-Trap to LD to M Huncho, have all made them a staple in their wardrobe, and even professional boxers are wearing them during their ring walk to intimidate their opponents. But it's not just for the fashion-conscious. Ski masks have also become essential for outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and even fishing. And let's not forget about essential workers like police officers and tactical teams who wear them to protect themselves while on duty. So next time you see someone in a ski mask, don't assume they're up to no good. They're probably just trying to keep warm or stay stylish while social distancing. Who knows, maybe they're just a big fan of Pooh Shiesty.
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